Google is taking the lead in the canine learning initiative in schools.

Not only does he demonstrate his assistance dog skills and other tricks in assemblies, but he also acts as a classroom teacher, showing young people how to learn.  His ability to calm, motivate and inspire learners never ceases to amaze staff. The visual impact he has really cements the principles of a good learner.

Google has worked across the age ranges:

  • With nursery, primary and secondary aged pupils;
  • With children who have special educational needs, including those with challenging behaviour;
  • With those who have English as an additional language.

Barking up the right tree!

In addition to the learning to learn lessons, Google has helped ease the transition from primary to secondary school, inspired charity fund raising events, science and citizenship projects.  He has been used as a therapy dog to help issues around bullying and bereavement.  He is also used as the reward for good work, effort and progress. His book The Bear Bones of Behaviour has been used to help with improving behaviour.

The Google Literacy Project is unique.

It goes beyond the idea of reading to dogs.  It is a series of lessons designed around Google, his friends and his life, using his diary extracts to build confidence and develop the skills to write stories.  His non-judgemental and non-threatening approach inspires and motivates even the most reluctant reader to take part.  It has been used from year 5 in primary to year 10 in secondary school with equal success.